Learn how to become a Certified Compliance Officer® at your own pace in our virtual classroom.


Interested in a real career in the fastest growing industry in the US? Every licensed cannabis facility must maintain seed to sale tracking, and compliance over all facets of its operation. Our online course leads to becoming a certified compliance officer in as little as six months!


Every graduate who has passed the CCO® exam and fulfills the ethics requirements has complete access to our job placement services and specialists. If we can't help you find mutually suitable employment, you're full tuition is refunded. Certain restrictions apply.


The compliance requirements in the cannabis industry are never going away. Fines are frequently over $100,000, and most licensee are looking for compliance directors/employees to help ensure their facility will not be penalized by regulators for non-compliance. We teach our students how to perform accurate compliance audits, and the course provides instruction along with over 500 pages of checklists to ensure the most thorough cannabis compliance audit in the industry.


Certified Cannabis Compliance Training, Inc., is with you every step of the way. Our course is self-paced, and the review course will help you prepare for the exam. Once you have passed the exam, we can provide you with job leads, and frequent online meetings where we provide guidance on marketing yourself and your services, tips from other CCO's on performing successful audits, and how to grow a thriving, profitable cannabis compliance auditing business.

Well, What If...

You wanted to change careers?

Change your career to where you can work as a government regulator, work for a cannabis licensee, or become self employed as a highly paid cannabis compliance specialist. According to the NCIA, the median salary for a compliance director is $83,000.

You had a job where pay and benefits are executive level?

Tired of working for hourly wages with no benefits? With our online training, you can be ready at your own pace for a career where your services are critical to the successful operation of a cannabis licensee. Fines in the cannabis industry are now in the multi-hundred thousand dollar range, so cannabis compliance specialists pay for themselves for as employees and consultants often with their corrective actions. If you're looking for a career as a money saving hero, this is it!!!

You wanted initials after you're name and professional standing?

Why go to school for 6 or seven years to become a lawyer or accountant when you can earn the same sort of pay, get the same respect, and enjoy the professional status associated with being John M. Smith, CCO? With our training platform and assistance, you can obtain the necessary skills to become a front line manager or highly paid consultant.


The executive suite has been limited to owners and qualified processionals since the inception of cannabis licensing. If you're frustrated in your career growth in the cannabis industry, this is your best opportunity for growth. No need for a four year college degree with accompanying student loans. Learn how become a compliance officer at your own pace, and enjoy the salary of a professional employee.

Financial Freedom

Job Secrity



The days of getting off with a written warning for licensee violations are over.   Regulatory agencies now are giving out massive fines to help raise government funds.   These are just a few of the most recent fines assessed:

CWNevada:  $1.25 million fine AND LOSS of 14 licenses

Sweet Leaf:  $2 million fine AND LOSS of 26 licenses

Garden Remedies:  $200,000 fine

Healthy Remedies:  $350,000 fine

Curaleaf:  $250,000 fine

G FarmaBrands - Confiscation of $10,000,000 of harvested cannabis


The Certified Compliance Officer Training Course

The Certified Compliance Officer® training course involves twenty two study modules (all self paced with both PowerPoint slides and audio narration) and the 800+ page "Certified Cannabis Compliance Officer Audit Manual & Guidebook".   The final exam in the course is a 200 question multiple choice exam which requires answering 70% correctly.  

Why consider a career in cannabis compliance auditing?   Given the state of the economy, the uncertainty of different professions and unemployment, many people are looking for careers that will always exist.   Cannabis is here to stay, and the growth in the industry will only continue to grow as more states legalize both recreational and medical cannabis.   When cannabis is legalized federally, the demand for cannabis compliance auditors will skyrocket due to product demand and the necessary safeguards the government has established and monitors.

Certified Cannabis Compliance Training, Inc., is prepared to help its graduates find jobs in the industry, and offers additional seminars and courses designed to help make cannabis compliance auditors more efficient and keep their skills in demand.   Unlike other certification courses, we are so confident in our graduates being able to find any number of employment opportunities, that we back our certification with a tuition refund policy if for some reason our graduates can not find a job.   Certain restrictions apply.


These are the study modules for the course. They vary in length from 10-12 slides to over 100.  Additionally, the review course provides three full days of online instruction and exam taking tips.

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days after you enroll
  Course Curriculum
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll

Frequently Asked Questions

After registering for the course, the candidate will have access to all study modules for twelve months. The candidate can petition for more time for up to an additional six months. Access is limited to the individual or their single designee for the allotted time period.

Once purchased, due to the digital nature of the course and the lack of available protection for intellectual property provided to our students, the course is non-refundable. We do however, offer tuition reimbursement for graduates unable to find employment in the cannabis industry. Certain restrictions apply, please visit www.cannabiscompliancetrainer.com for full details.

Stuck on an auditing concept? We're here to help! Simply email or call (email is faster and produces a more easily understood answer) and we will respond within 24 hours with an answer or further questions. We are here to help provide answers and to show candidates the proper part of the guidebook to study for further explanations. At the end of your studies, we offer a free three day seminar* (for the first 100 candidates) that helps prepare you for the final exam. The seminar is $895 for candidates who sign up after the offer expires.

Upon payment of the tuition for exam candiates ($2,895) students are given full access to all study modules, and both a print copy of the 800+ page study guide and audit manual, along with a USB that has over 500 pages of compliance checklists and forms.

This Is Perfect For You If...

You've struggled to find an opportunity to advance that doesn't require an advanced degree.

Our certification course relies on real world experience, coupled with complete instructions on how to perform compliance audits from start to finish. We avoid the guesswork, and also provide ongoing training opportunties and business marketing expertise.

You want to find a business where there is significant demand for your services, and job security.

The current average salary for cannabis compliance auditors and directors is $83,000 annually. However, self employed cannabis compliance auditors can easily earn more than $200,000 annually. Not convinced? Try our marketing course to see how we can help you make it happen.

You want to go into business for yourself with unlimited earning potential.

The services offered by Certified Compliance Officers ("CCO's") are seeing demand skyrocket.   Cannabis licensees realize that regulators are giving out fines in the hundreds of thousand of dollars, and hiring a CCO to perform compliance audits will pay for itself by recognizing and fixing potential issues.

But not for you if...

You're not willing to put in the work

Becoming a CCO requires time and effort to pass the exam. Are you willing to trade six months of studying for a lifetime of opportunity in a huge growth marketplace?

Money and job security don't motivate you.

Every cannabis licensee needs your services.  Why do we offer a tuition refund?   Because we're confident after having been in the field that the demand far outstrips the qualified applicants for cannabis compliance officers.

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